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Corporate Social Responsibility

The company has formulated the policy for development and implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility as also required under Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013.

Further, the information pursuant to Section 134(3)(o) of the Companies Act, 2013 and Rule 9 of the Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility) Rules, 2014 are given in outlining the main initiatives during the year under review.


The approach towards Corporate Social Responsibility at Emami Paper Mills Limited is aimed at creating an institutional environment to ensure greater socio-economic stability and finding a balance between the interests of all the stakeholders. Emami has been instrumental towards integrating the economic, social and environmental concerns into its values, culture, strategy, decision-making and operations in a transparent and accountable manner thus establishing better practices within the firm, creating wealth and improving the society.

Emami’s CSR drives the organization doing business in a responsible, integrated, invisibly linked manner delivering values in the sectors of environment, welfare, corporate governance and community at large. The investment in the CSR intends at enhancing the socio-economic development of the society to have a lasting impact on the lives of people. The CSR team at Emami endeavors at integrating sustainability into strategic thinking and in the process reaping profits by re-engineering of the business and reducing wastes. The team has progressed commendably in creating opportunities at the rural level to gain a social competence.

The major thrust areas of development include Promoting Education and Vocational Skills, Animal Welfare, Eradication of Hunger, Malnutrition & Promotion of Health and Sanitation and Creation of Rural Infrastructure. Catering to the community needs, Emami facilitates :

a. In creating an educated and empowered community through access of education at the primary level, providence of basic amenities like toilets, water, free text books etc. in educational institutions.

b. For eradicating poverty and promoting health, free kitchen for the poor suffices poverty stricken people and poor children are being fed with protein supplements to combat malnutrition.

c. Traditional Homeopathic and Ayurvedic health clinics are in operating in remote villages to treat the patients and provide medicines free of cost. Lack of proper infrastructure is a major handicap towards the socioeconomic development of rural areas.

d. To raise the quality of life, Emami provides necessary infrastructural facilities in the villages like laying and improving roads, culverts, lighting facilities, development of parks etc. for better living condition of the community.

e. To ensure environmental sustainability and animal welfare, the company targets for least exploitation and zero pollution by adopting cleaner technologies and minimal consumption of natural resources.

f. It takes care of nutrition and medical requirement to abandoned cattle in an exclusively made animal shelter.

The development programs are structured with intrinsic value to accelerate the return of these investments towards the society. Our endeavor in making a positive impact won’t have been possible without the active co-operation from the local administration, community institutions, our employees and the community at large. We are committed to continue in our venture with an indomitable will and passion towards serving the society.